New World: What The AFK Timer Is (& How Long It Takes To Get Kicked)

Although the queue waiting times in New World are rather long, players should keep an eye on their screen in case Amazon’s AFK timer issues a kick.

Amazon implemented its own AFK timer for its new MMORPG New World, similar to the logout timer players must adhere to in Final Fantasy XIV. At its launch, New World was known to have horrendous queue times, forcing players to wait hours on end to enter the game. Aiming to clear out servers of players who’ve left their PC while the game is connecting, New World uses a timer to give more active players a chance to play without worrying about hundreds (if not thousands) of non-active players flooding the data center.

For now, it is possible to participate in activities like New World’s Twitch drops without touching one’s PC for hours. However, the game will likely become more strict toward inactive players as time goes on and servers become more crowded. As a result, players journeying from one region to another via the “auto-run” feature may have to be more cautious of how long they don’t input any actions during their traversal.

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