Nickmercs Might be Moving from Twitch to YouTube

Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff is one of Twitch’s biggest stars, but there’s heavy speculation he could soon announce a move to YouTube. In a video shared to Twitter on September 25th, Nickmercs can be seen addressing his team at a dinner where he talks about “the biggest deal of my life.” Nickmercs than gave the entire team gold MFAM chains to celebrate. Of course, it’s unclear exactly what’s being celebrated, as many of his followers on Twitter pointed out. That video was shared two days after the last time Nickmercs streamed on Twitch, leading many to wonder if he’s going to announce a move to another platform soon.

While it’s unknown exactly where Nickmercs will show up, YouTube has been making a lot of moves lately. Nickmercs would be a big gain for the platform, but it’s all just speculation until an announcement is made. In a Tweet on September 30th, Nickmercs addressed his absence, assuring fans that an announcement is coming in the near future.

“Alive & well familia. Miss ya too. Soon tho, real soon! Big announcement. Takin’ a lil time for myself before we get back to the grind,” Nickmercs wrote on Twitter.

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