No Time To Die: Daniel Craig Has Funny Pick for Next James Bond Actor

Daniel Craig has jokingly chosen his ideal replacement for the iconic role of James Bond. The Liverpool fan has chosen LFC coach Jurgen Klopp.

In an interview with Sky Sports, outgoing James Bond star Daniel Craig has named a very funny and highly unexpected replacement for the role of 007. No Time to Die has been well worth the wait for fans after over a year of being delayed, with the film taking in record sums at the UK box office. With the film’s release, Craig has been back on the interview circuit and the question on everybody’s mind is: Who will be the next actor to step into the tuxedo?

The latest outing sees Bond facing off against the mysterious villain Safin (Rami Malek). Craig took on the part of Bond back in 2006, following Pierce Brosnan’s tenure as the agent. After the dismal reception of Brosnan’s final outing, Die Another Day, Craig was tasked with reimagining the character for a new generation, which he did successfully with the release of the critically acclaimed Casino Royale. But now, with Craig’s swan song as the character hitting theaters, rumors have begun to arise about who will be next in the role, and Craig thinks he might have the answer.

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