No Time To Die: Opening Credits Explained

Daniel Craig’s last James Bond film No Time To Die has Daniel Kleinman creating the opening credits once again, but how do they set up the film?

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for No Time To Die

The No Time To Die signal the end of Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond for one final adventure. The movie is the 25th official James Bond film and the 5th movie for Craig’s interpretation of the character over a 15 year period. Like every Bond movie to date, the new film features an elaborate and highly stylized opening sequence that foreshadows much of what’s to follow. Just as with all its predecessors, No Time To Die’s credits have a lot to unpack.

Dating back to Bond’s cinematic debut in 1962’s Dr. No (where there was a flurry of multi-colored dots flashing on the screen while the Bond theme played), the opening credits set the tone for the film. They are just as important fixtures for the James Bond franchise as the Gunbarrel or the title song that plays over them. Designer Maurice Binder was responsible for title sequences for 16 of the first 17 Bond films before Daniel Kleinman took over for Goldeneye onwards (with the exception of Quantum of Solace). Unsurprisingly, No Time To Die carries on the tradition.

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