Nomad PowerPack Review: A High-Quality Battery Pack With Tile Location Tracking

Nomad has been a well-known third-party Apple accessory manufacturer for a few years, creating leather cases for iPhones and iPads, Apple Watch bands, and battery packs that integrate directly into charging cables. The company’s newest product is the $99.95 Nomad Advanced Trackable PowerPack, a 9,000 mAh mobile battery that is built with Nomad’s usual “ultra-rugged construction,” with an added bonus of Tile integration so users don’t have to worry about misplacing the PowerPack.

The PowerPack is created out of a durable, polycarbonate frame that Nomad says is inspired by the manufacturing processes found in industry-leading, drop-resistant iPhone cases. Living up to the company’s adventure-focused mission statement, the PowerPack has an added layer of thermoplastic polyurethane, which gives the PowerPack its ultra-rugged, grippy feel.

The quality of Nomad’s PowerPack is the accessory’s first noticeable advantage: the raised texture that houses most of the pack is satisfying to grip, and the smooth section in the center — with the Nomad logo — provides a natural groove to place a thumb when handling the PowerPack. The downside of the texture is that it is definitely a dust and debris magnet, as can be seen in the pictures I took for the review, which represent the cleanest state I could get it in.

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