Ominous Legacies season 4 poster declares, ‘Hope must die’

In the world of Legacies, Hope Mikaelson is special for a number of reasons. But supernaturally speaking, she's very special, as in the only one of her kind.

Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) is the first-ever tribrid, meaning she's a witch, a werewolf, and also a vampire. Although so far in her life, she's existed only as a werewolf and a witch, keeping the vampire side dormant. It's been one of the biggest questions at the center of Legacies' first three seasons: When will Hope go full tribrid?

Last season Hope had a realization: In order to defeat the big bad Malivore, she's going to have to activate her vampire side. And she's desperate to defeat Malivore because he's currently possessing the man she loves, Landon (Aria Shahghasemi). But is Hope ready to die and become a full tribrid? And is she ready to choose between saving Landon and killing Malivore?

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