One Fighter Bruce Lee Said He Couldn't Beat (& Why)

Bruce Lee, who always had great confidence in his kung fu skills, admitted there was one fighter he knew he couldn’t beat – Muhammad Ali. Here’s why,

By Bruce Lee’s own admission, Muhammad Ali is one fighter that he thought he could never beat in a fight. Lee had great pride and confidence in the kung fu skills he had acquired over years and years of diligent training, but he apparently recognized that his fighting ability wasn’t necessarily infallible. Lee has said himself that he wouldn’t be able to win if he had to go up against the “Greatest of All Time.”

As an expert in Wing Chun and the founder of his own martial arts style (Jeet Kune Do), Bruce Lee was a well-respected kung fu master in Hollywood long before he ever made it big in the movies. Lee, who lived in the area, ran martial arts schools and accumulated a number of pupils eager to learn from him. Even Hollywood stars like Steve McQueen and James Coburn befriended Lee and trained under him as Jeet Kune Do students. And when Bruce Lee attained stardom in Hong Kong, even more became interested in his martial arts prowess. It reached a point where Bruce Lee faced regular challenges from would-be opponents.

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