Ozy Media May Have Worn Out Its Welcome With Media Buyers

Carlos Watson indicated Monday morning that he had much to discuss with advertisers, even though his company, Ozy Media, has been besieged by a torrent of difficult news about its relations with investors, vendors and staff. “This is our Lazarus moment,” the executive told interviewer Craig Melvin on NBC’s “Today.”

Madison Avenue isn’t so sure.

Watson is getting a cool reception among top media-buying agencies, according to one executive familiar with recent outreach that Ozy has made to those who direct the spending of billions of dollars of advertising on behalf of top marketers. Watson and Ozy have been talking to media buyers about the company taking a “temporary pause” and describing a vision in which “Ozy will be back up again,” this executive said. “That is probably falling on deaf ears.” A representative for Ozy could not be reached for immediate comment.

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