Party chairman: New Jersey Democrats must stand with President Biden | Opinion

By LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.

Our Democratic Party is a reflection of our nation itself. We’re a diverse set of people from many different backgrounds, faiths and political perspectives, and that’s part of what makes us strong and representative of the communities we serve. We’re truly a big tent, and you can see that in the way we sometimes struggle to unite around an issue. But while diversity is our strength, unity is our power — and now is the time for all Democrats, here in New Jersey and around the country, to unite behind President Joe Biden’s full “Build Back Better” agenda by passing both the budget reconciliation bill and the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Anything less than full party unity will invite political disaster and mean a failure to meet this critical moment. We need to take decisive action now to help working and middle-class families thrive because they do not have the privilege to wait or to slow down progress. They need our help right now. Ultimately, that is the reason that all of us as Democrats entered public service in the first place: to help people. The president’s agenda is built around that value, just as his entire political career has been. We need to follow his lead.

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