Persona 3 Trends On Twitter After Vtuber Begs Atlus To Stream The Game

Vtuber Mori Calliope started a movement begging Atlus to play Persona 3 on her channel, causing the game to trend on Twitter for the morning.

The 14 year-old Persona 3 got some unexpected attention today on Twitter due to a Vtuber begging developer Atlus to let her stream the game on her channel. This is one of a few occasions that Persona 3 has gained traction on social media this year, but this time was different and more grand in scale.

Persona has gotten a lot of attention this year in particular, with the recent release of two games. In March, Persona 5 Royal released in the West and was celebrated by fans of the series, so much that it became nominated for the best RPG at this year’s Game Awards. In June, fans got a surprise re-release of the formerly Vita exclusive Persona 4 Golden on Steam, which also proved to be very successful. Atlus even stated that the success of Persona 4 Golden could possibly lead to other ports or remasters of older Atlus titles.

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