Photon Mono X 3D printer review: The best resin printer we’ve tested under $1,000

If the $3,499 Form 3 is too much for your budget, the Photon Mono X 3D printer is a lower-cost alternative. This resin-based printer is fast and produced some high-quality prints, albeit with a few print failures in our testing.

Price: $599
Size: 18 by 11.4 by 10.6 inches
Print Size: 9.6 by 7.5 by 4.6 inches (331 Cu. in)
Type: SLA Resin

We’ve seen the 3D printer market change over the past few years, with prices falling and the quality of the prints improving. The AnyCubic Photon Mono X continues this excellent trend by offering SLA printing for $599. That’s not the cheapest price we’ve seen for an SLA printer, but it’s definitely an attractive one for a devicer that produces high-quality prints and has earned a place among the best 3D printers we’ve tested.

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