Pirates Of The Caribbean: Why Elizabeth Was The Writers' Favorite Character

POTC writers Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio say their favorite character is Elizabeth, due to Keira Knightley and their desire to create a female hero.

Pirates of the Caribbean’s writers have an insightful reason for naming Elizabeth Swann their favorite character. Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio wrote the first four films in the series, putting considerable thought into an overarching story that some have criticized for being convoluted in its multiple plot threads and backstories. Only Rossio received a “story by” credit on the fifth and weakest film, which was instead written by Jeff Nathanson.

Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth began the series as a bored governor’s daughter, yearning for excitement and the chance to meet a real-life pirate. She rejects societal conventions, and her unlawful actions result in her abandoning high society and being forced to reconsider her place in the world. By the end of Gore Verbinski’s Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Elizabeth transitions to an entirely different position of respect, ultimately becoming Pirate King of the Brethren Court, now with a more astute outlook on pirate life.

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