Pokemon TCG Brings Back Character Rare Cards

An upcoming Pokemon Trading Card Game set will re-introduce a popular type of Secret Rare card. Earlier this week, Creatures Inc. (the maker of the Pokemon Trading Card Game in Japan) announced a new Japanese set of Pokemon cards – VMAX Climax. This new set will contain a mix of reprints and alternate art cards from past sets from the current Sword & Shield era of the game, including several new “Character Rare” cards, which features alternative art that shows a Pokemon and their human trainer. Featured cards in the set include Flaaffy with Elesa, Zekrom with N, Eevee with Bill, and Gardevoir with the Doctor NPC from the Pokemon Sword and Shield games. 

The new set will also contain a new level of rarity card called “Character Super Rare.” The first example of a Character Super Rare card is a Pikachu VMAX card featuring Red standing in front of a towering Gigantamax Pikachu. 

This is a special standalone set in Japan. Because of its reliance on reprints and alternate art cards, there’s a possibility that these cards will make their way to the US and the international market via special box sets or as promo cards. Likely, we won’t see a VMAX Climax equivalent set make its way to the US, unless its paired up with another special set of cards similar to the soon to be released Celebrations set. 

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