Popular Far Cry Fan Theory Confirmed by Ubisoft

In 2008, Ubisoft introduced players to the Jackal in Far Cry 2. It didn’t take long for fans to notice some interesting connections between the villain and original Far Cry protagonist Jack Carver. Carver served in the U.S. Navy, but was dishonorably discharged and became an arms dealer. Jackal also served in the Navy, and his background as an arms dealer sets up the conflict in Far Cry 2. These connections resulted in a fan theory that the two characters were meant to be one and the same. Twelve years later, Clint Hocking, the game’s creative director, confirmed the connection to IGN.

“Jack Carver in the original Far Cry was this shifty, smuggler, gun runner kind of crook,” Hocking told IGN. “The idea was [the Jackal] is just him, 10 years later or something, after he’s seen whatever he saw on this island [during the events of Far Cry]. Maybe it was drug induced, maybe it’s post-traumatic stress disorder, or maybe it’s real. But the idea is, a decade later, he has levelled up his smuggling game, and he’s gotten embroiled in this conflict.”

Hocking answered the question as part of an overall video on the history of Far Cry’s villains. The series has a long history of beloved villains, a fact that actor Giancarlo Esposito pointed out when discussing his character in Far Cry 6. The newest entry in the series is set to release later this week, so fans will soon have a chance to see if Anton Castillo will prove as memorable as villains like the Jackal.

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