Potion Craft: How to Create a Frost Potion

Potion Craft is a simulation game in which players create different potions and become alchemists. The Frost Potion can be tough to craft at first.

Potion Craft is a new PC-based early access game in which players can become an alchemist. They must gather materials and create potions to progress through the game, but some potions are more difficult to figure out than others.

Potion Craft’s tutorial goes into a lot of detail to ensure players are as ready to become alchemists as possible. It explains how potion ingredients can be picked each day from the garden and bought from the occasional roaming salesperson. Those ingredients can then be ground up and added to a cauldron. Each ingredient takes the potion in a different direction on the alchemy map. Players are encouraged to find different potion recipes by adding different ingredients.

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