Purple Carrot review: Healthy plant-based meal kits with no smoke and mirrors

See what I thought of these popular, vegan meal kits that skip the imitation “meats” and focus on more whole foods.

Meal kits come in all shapes and sizes these days and that includes great meal kits for vegans and vegetarians. You can find tasty plant-based recipes in the menus of most meal kit companies, but Purple Carrot is one of the only completely vegan meal kit services available. That means no meat at all, people, so if you’re the carnivorous type, turn back now for beyond this lies only lentils, grains, nuts and lots of healthy veggies.

With many of us looking for ways to eat healthier in the new year — or all year round, for that matter — eating vegetarian cuisine even a few nights a week has become a popular way to do it but for seasoned meat eaters, eating and cooking plant-based food has its challenges. The biggest hurdle I had when introducing more plant-based meals into my diet was finding interesting recipes to make but also learning how to make them well. A vegetarian meal kit can help with both, providing veggie-based recipe ideas along with all the know-how and correct ingredients to execute vegan and vegetarian dinners that taste great without the help of lab-produced imitation meats. 

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