Red Hood is Teaming up With Bane in the Last Way Fans Expect

Bane has been dead in comics ever since the events of A-Day, but now he and Red Hood are teaming up to form an undead team called Task Force Z!

Warning: Spoilers for Detective Comics #1043!

In DC Comics, Bane was killed during the devastating A-Day gas attack on Arkham Asylum, but now Red Hood is leading a new team called Task Force Z, and Bane is on the roster! But how is this possible if he’s been a corpse for the past few months? Well, the “Z” kind of gives it away as Bane has become a member of the walking dead, with a few of his equally dead friends joining him!

Revealed on the final page of the second story in Detective Comics #1043, “What The #!$% Is Task Force Z,” by Matthew Rosenberg and Darick Robertson, sees Jason Todd take on a role that fans have never seen him in before: leader of a team of zombies! That’s right, this once dead, but now returned to life vigilante known as Red Hood has been recruited by a secret benefactor to head a team of villains who have left the land of the living for decidedly less green pastures; a task that even he is a bit confused by.

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