Renato dos Anjos & Kira Lehtomaki Interview: Encanto

Encanto Heads of Animation Renato dos Anjos and Kira Lehtomaki chat about bringing the Madrigal family to life in Disney’s magical upcoming film.

Encantoarriving in theaters on November 24, is perhaps the most ambitious animated Disney project yet. By choosing to focus on the story of the Madrigal family as a whole, whose life in a magical casita in the mountains of Columbia spans generations, the creative team is tasked with breathing life into several characters worthy of taking on the role of protagonist in their own films.

That being said, the sweet Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz, In The Heights) is indeed the viewpoint character of the story. After witnessing every member of her extended family be gifted with special powers by their house except for her, she finds herself metaphorically left behind as the only “normal” child. But when those she loves are in danger, it’s up to her and her unextraordinary abilities to save the day.

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