Review: LaCie’s New ‘Mobile SSD’ Features Fast Transfer Speeds and an Attractive Design

LaCie, Seagate’s premium brand, recently launched a new external SSD, the LaCie Mobile SSD, which offers up to 2TB of storage space along with USB-C transfer speeds up to 540MB/s.

The LaCie Mobile SSD follows the LaCie Portable SSD, offering a thin, light enclosure that’s easily pocketable but still eye catching. LaCie first introduced the Mobile SSD at CES 2019, and it’s now available for purchase from Apple.

LaCie designed the Mobile SSD with unique “diamond-cut” edges, which look quite nice in person. The Mobile SSD is futuristic but simple, which is appropriate because this is an Apple exclusive product. I’m not sure how important SSD attractiveness is to the average person, but this is certainly the best looking external SSD I’ve used.

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