Review: TCL Sweeva 6500 Robot Vacuum Is a Letdown, to Say the Least

Over the years I’ve had positive experiences with TCL products, from its mobile phones to TV sets. I assumed the TCL Sweeva 6500 robot vacuum would offer the same. I was completely wrong, however. The core function of suctioning up dirt from the ground worked adequately in my testing, but most other aspects of the vacuum, from its mobile app to its additional features were extremely disappointing.

Right from the start, the Sweeva 6500 vacuum raised some red flags. On setup and app sign-up, there was no initial mapping of the rooms suggested. The app and the vacuum appeared rather nonchalant in the beginning, waiting for me to make the first move. With no specific directions after powering it on, digital or in the printed manual, I tapped the Clean button and watched as the Sweeva roamed around the same bedroom a few times before getting stuck on the legs of a lounge chair.

The first day was not off to a great start, but instead of getting better over time, my experiences got worse. Rather than the vacuum being a bargain, at nearly $500, compared with other robotic cleaners, it turned out to be one headache after another.

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