RHOSLC: Lisa Barlow Posts Receipts Of Her Shading Whitney Rose

RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow posted a screenshot of her shady texts to clear up what costar Whitney Rose accused her of saying to their friend, Angie.

Lisa Barlow from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City verified her shady remarks about co-star Whitney Rose by posting the screenshot receipts of her text messages. Lisa and Whitney have been feuding since RHOSLC season 1 when Lisa accused Whitney of assassinating her character. The two Utah ladies continue to butt heads over their shared friends’ loyalty amid their spat. Lisa and Whitney’s feud came to a head on the Sunday, October 3 episode of RHOSLC when the two housewives confronted one another at their friend, Angie Harrington’s, casino night fundraiser.

The RHOSLC casino night event was off to a shady start when Lisa ignored Whitney upon entering the party. Tension at the fundraiser grew because Whitney alleged that Lisa influenced Angie’s caterer to pull from the party after Angie showed loyalty to Whitney over Lisa. Angie revealed on Sunday’s episode she and Whitney are distant cousins through a shared Mormon ancestor and remain friends through that connection. During a heated argument at Angie’s event, Whitney accused Lisa of telling Angie to “disown,” unfollow, and not acknowledge her. Lisa later cleared up that she did indeed shade Whitney to Angie, but not in the way Whitney described.

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