Ring Video Doorbell (2nd generation) review

The Ring Video Doorbell (2020) is the best video doorbell you can get for less than $100.

One of the best cheap smart home devices was the original Ring Video Doorbell; this $99 device was one of the first video doorbells, and it did its job well, letting you know who was at your front door. However, after six years, it was starting to show its age. For instance, its resolution was 720p, where 1080p has become the new standard. Now, Ring’s lowest-priced video doorbell has the same 1080p resolution as the company’s other cameras, and can be hardwired or run off battery power, making it very versatile. 

Just as important, the ecosystem of Ring products has increased significantly, making the video doorbell a much more versatile device when you pair it with other sensors and security lights. While we have some issues with this device, our Ring Video Doorbell review shows  why it’s the best video doorbell under $100.

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