Riz Ahmed Fights To Save His Sons In Encounter Movie Trailer

Riz Ahmed must protect his sons from a mysterious alien threat in the new trailer for Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Encounter.

Riz Ahmed fights to save his sons in a new trailer for the Amazon sci-fi movie Encounter. Ahmed starred as a drummer losing his hearing in last year’s acclaimed drama Sound of Metal and went on to nab an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

Oscar nominations are great of course but Ahmed is probably best known among fans of genre movies for playing Imperial defector Bodhi Rook in the Star Wars standalone Rogue One. He also gained comic book movie cred by playing the villainous Carlton Drake aka Riot in 2018’s blockbuster Venom. Before that Ahmed garnered attention for his performance in the satiric comedy Four Lions, and later for starring opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the tense thriller Nightcrawler. Ahmed also appeared opposite Matt Damon in Jason Bourne, and later played the man being sought by bounty hunters Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly in the Coen-esque Western The Sisters Brothers.

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