Rockstar Games' Agent Cancellation Fears Possibly Confirmed

Rockstar Games has removed the previously featured Agent listing from its website’s Games section, indicating the PS3 exclusive is very much canceled.

Over 12 years after its E3 2009 announcement, Agent appears to have officially been canceled, evidenced in the project’s removal from the official Rockstar Games website. Jack Tretton, who then served as Sony Computer Entertainment America’s President and CEO, unveiled Agent as a PS3 exclusive during PlayStation’s E3 2009 conference.

Rockstar North, the group behind Grand Theft Auto IV and V, led the charge on the title’s development. At the time, Agent sounded promising, its premise centered on a Cold War-set espionage tale in the 1970s. Apart from its iconic black and white logo, however, nothing concrete related to the game ever surfaced in any official fashion. Fans and pundits kept hope alive for several years, though, particularly whenever Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive renewed the IP’s trademark in 2013 and 2017. The publisher’s abandonment of the Agent trademark in November 2018 implied the adventure would never see the light of day. Now there’s yet another reason to believe that Agent will remain little more than vaporware.

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