Samsung 49-Inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor Review: Big Screen, Big 1000R Curve

With best-in-class speed and image quality and a 1000R curve, the Samsung 49-Inch Odyssey G9 delivers a wonderful and unique gaming experience. A bright backlight, accurate color, killer HDR and speedy 240 Hz ensure you’ll be fully immersed in your virtual world.

Gaming monitors with a 21:9 aspect ratio, aka ultrawide monitors, have established their relevance and usefulness in the gaming genre. A wide variety of sizes and curve radii are available from 34-38 inches diagonally and curves from 1800R to 3800R. But the more extreme specs are found in the megawide category, where you’ll find 32:9 49-inch. These displays are laser-focused on gaming, and their extreme size and curve are better suited for entertainment.

We’ve looked at two other high-res, 32:9 screens — the AOC Agon AG493UCX and Viotek SUW49DA — both with a very tight 1800R curve radius. But here comes Samsung with its latest Odyssey G9, the LC49G95T. The Samsung 49-Inch Odyssey G9 has the most extreme curve we’ve seen yet, 1000R, and is one of the best gaming monitors we’ve tested. At a comfortable viewing distance of 2-3 feet, it completely fills your peripheral vision. But that’s not all, it’s a really good-looking monitor too.

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