Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review: The first foldable you may actually want to buy

With a lower price, 120Hz refresh-rate screen, an “aluminum armor” body and an improved cover screen, Samsung’s new smartphone could be the most “normal” foldable available.

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Flip 3, I was eager to try it out. You can fold it in half. Flip it open with your wrist one-handed. Use the outside screen when it’s closed and place it just about anywhere you want to record videos and take photos. With its lower price, seven colors and the assortment of bold cases that make it look like a toy, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 could be the first foldable phone you’ll consider buying. But if Samsung wants the phone to be widely adopted, it needs to deliver on its promised improvements and convince people that they can depend on the Z Flip 3 without compromising their daily phone routine.

The Z Flip 3 starts at $1,000 (£949, AU$1,499) for 128GB and 8GB RAM. Scroll down to the chart below for a full breakdown of prices and specs.

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