Should You Upgrade to the Series 7? Apple Watch Models Compared

The new Apple Watch Series 7 has a larger display, increased durability, and faster charging than its predecessors, but is it really worth at least $120 more? 

We won’t have a definitive answer to that question until we get our hands on the Series 7, which is slated to arrive in stores on Friday, October 15, but in the meantime, we can compare Apple’s current smartwatch lineup based on specs and features. 

Let’s start with your options. At the time of this writing, Apple is still selling the Series 6, its 2020 flagship smartwatch, but plans to open pre-orders for the Series 7 on Friday, October 8. Once that happens, Apple will bid adieu to the Series 6, but keep two other models in its lineup as more budget-friendly alternatives to the Series 7: the Watch SE and Series 3. 

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