Sora's Moveset Demonstrated On Every Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter

The final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct featured a demonstration of Sora from Kingdom Heart’s moves, as he faced every other fighter in the game.

Tuesday’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation revealed Sora from Kingdom Hearts will be the last DLC character added to the game, and a full breakdown of Sora’s moves was provided in series tradition. In a tribute to the game’s massive roster, director Masahiro demonstrated the new character’s movesets on the full Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster’s 85 other fighters.

Although Sora’s been a highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character from the start, it wasn’t widely expected he would actually make it into the game. Kingdom Hearts publisher Square Enix had already provided three characters to the game’s DLC (Cloud, Hero, and Sephiroth), while Disney would also have to give its blessing to bring any Kingdom Hearts content to the crossover fighting game. However, Sakurai’s Sora studio and Nintendo seemed to have worked their magic, and he was able to bring in Sora for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s final DLC.

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