Squid Game Gives Perfect Opportunity To Criticize Pokémon GO Challenge

A Pokémon GO player has compared a Field Research task to Netflix’s Squid Game, creating a meme commenting on the difficult nature of the challenge.

Netflix sensation Squid Game has offered the perfect meme opportunity for Pokémon GO challenges, with one fan comparing a particularly tricky Pokémon GO task to one of the series’ many death games. The Korean drama has seen a number of gaming-related memes pop up since its September release, with one fan even recreating Squid Game in Animal Crossing.

Squid Game has been a huge success for Netflix, quickly becoming one of the most popular shows of the year and wowing viewers across the world. The new release follows a group of challengers tasked with fighting for their lives across a series of children’s games, with participants hoping to get their hands on a big cash prize. The twisted takes on playground classics have already reached meme status, with many seeing viral success after comparing Squid Game‘s challenges to everyday experiences. As one of the biggest mobile games on the market, it was just a matter of time until Pokémon GO‘s in-game challenges were tied to the popular series.

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