Squid Game: Why The Old Man Voted No In Episode 2

Episode 2 of Squid Game gives the players a significant choice to make, and the Old Man surprisingly picks the red button and votes no.

Warning: SPOILERS for Squid Game.

Episode 2 of Squid Game allowed the players to vote on continuing the game, with the Old Man Il-nam surprisingly voting no – but why did he do this? Squid Game is Netflix’s enthralling South Korean series that follows Seong Gi-hun, a man in a heap of debt who lives with his mother and can barely provide for his daughter, when he is propositioned to join a game in which he can win billions of Won. The highly secretive Squid Game event turns out to have far higher stakes than the 456 contestants imagined, where breaking rules or losing means death.

After the Squid Game players are brought to the remote island where the games are played by the mysterious red-suited staff members, the contestants realize their tasks come from popular South Korean children’s games. The first game Gi-hun and the Squid Game characters must complete is Red Light, Green Light, but they soon find out that being caught moving means they’re shot to death by snipers. Squid Game came with a clause in the players’ contract that says if the majority votes to stop the game, the entire event ends. After seeing over 200 men and women lose their lives in a game of Red Light, Green Light, the players quickly put it to a vote.

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