Star Wars Reveals How Dangerous Dark Side Luke Skywalker Would Be

Star Wars has finally given viewers a glimpse of just how dangerous a dark side Luke Skywalker would be – could Lucasfilm dig into this idea?

Finally, Star Wars has revealed just how dangerous a dark side Luke Skywalker would be.  The Tatooine farmboy with a thirst for adventure who learned he was the son of a Jedi Knight, Luke would prove that one man can change the history of an entire galaxy when he shot down the Death Star, and again when he successfully redeemed Darth Vader, leading the Sith Apprentice to turn on his Master. Luke is a legendary figure, renowned for his strength in the Force and his unshakeable belief in the possibility of redemption.

Naturally, Star Wars fans have always wondered just what would happen if Luke Skywalker ever turned to the dark side. The old Expanded Universe toyed with that idea in the Dark Empire comics, in which Luke bent the knee before a resurrected Emperor, but even then it didn’t last long – with Luke himself redeemed by the love of his friends and family. That story isn’t even canon any more, with Disney declaring the Expanded Universe “Legends” when they acquired Lucasfilm in 2012. The question still feels relatively unresolved.

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