Star Wars Visions Concept Art Shows Gorgeously Detailed Landscapes

The Star Wars Twitter account shares new concept art that depicts beautiful landscapes from their latest animated series, Star Wars: Visions.

Star Wars has unveiled concept art for their latest animated series, Star Wars: Visions. Unlike Lucasfilm’s previous ventures into animation, Visions is unique in that it is an anthology of animated short films independently developed by seven acclaimed anime studios in Japan. The creators of Visions opted to make the show non-canon to the mainline Star Wars continuity in order to give storytellers as much creative freedom as they needed to tell the stories they wanted to tell. This decision ultimately resulted in a diverse collection of nine shorts that all vary drastically in aesthetic, style, and tone. The protagonists of each story are all distinctly designed and all undergo personal arcs that range from intimate familial quarrels to enormous, galaxy-spanning conflicts (and, in some cases, both).

And yet despite all these differences, all nine shorts share one attribute: they all boast positively stunning visuals. Some episodes, like “The Ninth Jedi,” opt for a more traditional anime approach that would fit right at home with the most popular ongoing anime today. However, other episodes, like “The Duel,” adopt art styles so unique that first-time onlookers may not even recognize them as anime, much less as entries into the broader Star Wars franchise. Each episode dedicates a substantial amount of time to showcase beautiful landscapes brought to life with vibrant colors.

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