Stephen Amell Comments on Grant Gustin Next to Arrow’s Grave Meme Being Used for Facebook Outage

It is one of the most hilarious and popular memes to come out of the Arrowverse – the behind-the-scenes photo of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen standing next to the grave of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow while smiling and flashing a peace sign during the filming of the final installment of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. Since it was originally shared, that photo has been turned into a meme about almost anything and on Monday, when Facebook and its associated apps and services went down in a massive outage, fans on social media did their thing by bringing the meme back into service and Arrow star Stephen Amell has something to say about it.

On Twitter, one of the few major social media platforms up and running on Monday, Amell shared one user’s take on the meme with the grave featuring the icons for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, while Grant Gustin’s face was replaced with the Twitter logo. It’s pretty funny, the idea that Twitter is “celebrating” being the last man standing as it were, but Amell might not have seen the humor in it.

Could everyone who repurposes this photo kindly fuck off.

“Could everyone who repurposes this photo kindly f-ck off,” he wrote.

That’s going to be a lot of people Amell is addressing. That photo has become a very popular meme and sees regular use for all sorts of things. There have been versions of the meme with Loki on the headstone and “Also Loki” on Gustin, Star Wars-themed versions, religion-themed versions, Rick and Morty versions, versions that joke about the web browser wars between Internet Explorer and Chrome – the variations are endless and while Amell shared just one user’s version of it, many users were sharing variations of it it, including a version shared by Tumblr.

As for the Facebook outage, at the time of this article’s writing, it continues with Instagram and WhatsApp continuing to experience disruptions, though some have started to report some functionality of Facebook itself again. Still, there have been plenty of memes about the situation on Monday, and even Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys got involved with a meme of their own, sharing an image of Homelander (Antony Starr) hovering above an adoring crowd with the word “Twitter” written on Homelander and “Everyone” on the crowd with the caption “when Facebook and Instagram are down”.

What do you think about Amell’s comment regarding the Oliver Queen’s grave meme being used for the great Facebook Outage of 2021? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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