Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Taking Over Twitter Thanks to Sora’s Addition

Super Smash Bros. is one of the biggest game franchises at Nintendo, and its legacy expanded to new bounds with its latest title. The Nintendo Switch stunned fans with its massive offering thanks to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Since the game went live, a slew of DLC fighters have been added to the game, and the final has gone live at last. After all, producer Masahiro Sakurai unveiled the final Smash addition this morning, and Sora is coming to the game after years of waiting.

If you did not know, the final Mr. Sakurai Presents went live, and it was there fans got to check on the producer. After spending years on the latest Super Smash Bros. game, Sakurai told fans there was one more surprise hidden up his sleeve, and it hails from Kingdom Hearts. The Disney-Square Enix title has lent Sora to the fighting game, and fans are losing their minds.

As you can see below, the hype for Sora’s arrival is real and taking over Twitter. During this special presentation, fans were given a look at Sora’s various designs as fans can pick between several costumes. Even the game’s Timeless River variation made it into Super Smash Bros., so Disney lovers will be happy to see that included.

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