Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Presentation Already Has Thousands Waiting

With less than a day to go before the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character is revealed, YouTube viewers are already queued up to watch.

The final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character is set to be revealed tomorrow, October 5, and thousands of YouTube viewers are already queued up to see who it will be. The wait to see which gaming icon will be the last to join the Nintendo Switch crossover fighting title is nearly over, with Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai inviting everyone to watch the live announcement, regardless of whether or not they’ve played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.     

Naturally, many have their own fan theories about who the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter will be, with the most popular candidate of the moment being Kingdom Hearts’ Keyblade-wielding hero Sora, and purported leaks suggest it just might be him. Other possible (though less likely) choices include Halo’s Master Chief and the eponymous Crash Bandicoot, and, of all groups, even PETA recently suggested Nintendo add its mascot, “Not a Nugget.” With excitement building towards Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s last fighter reveal, it seems all eyes are on Nintendo’s October 5 stream – and it already has the viewer counts to prove it.

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