Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Final Character Is Sora From Kingdom Hearts

It was revealed during the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct that Sora from Kingdom Hearts will be the last fighter added to the game.

It was revealed during the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct that Sora from Kingdom Hearts will be the last DLC character added to the game.  This marks the end of a three-year saga, starting with Piranha Plant’s surprise addition as an early adopter bonus, and Joker from Persona 5‘s surprise announcement at The Game Awards.

The saga of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be defined with its character reveals, which started even before the game was officially announced. The reveal of an Inkling as a new Super Smash Bros. fighter during a Splatoon 2 event meant that Nintendo fans always had to be on the lookout for new announcements. This extended to events outside of Nintendo’s domain, as both Joker and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII were revealed at The Game Awards. The sight of the familiar Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cross was enough to incite excitement in fans across the globe, even if the character was a letdown.

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