Superman Confirms His Love Life Isn't As 'Vanilla' As Fans Assume

While some fans might assume Superman and Lois have a bland love life, the comics beg to differ, with a touching scene before Superman leaves Earth.

Warning: contains spoilers for Action Comics #1035!

When it comes to the romantic lives of super heroes, some may assume that Superman’s love life would be pretty vanilla – even bland. He has been in a committed marriage to Lois Lane for years and has had few other love interests beyond her. Yet in Action Comics #1035, on sale now in print and digital, readers learn that the Man of Steel knows how to keep things spicy.

While comic fans know Lois Lane to be Superman’s primary love interest, he has had a few other lovers, such as Lana Lang, his high school girlfriend from Smallville and the mermaid Lori Lemaris. During the New 52 era, Superman engaged in a controversial relationship with Wonder Woman, but its canonicity is up for debate in the new Infinite Frontier era. There have been other characters, such as Maxima, who have sought Superman’s affections, only to be spurred. Despite these relationships, Superman returns to Lois every time, and they are currently married with a teenage son, Jon. Often known as the Big Blue Boy Scout, Superman may have pined after Lois at time, but his love life has never been one of the most exciting in comics, especially compared to perennial ally Batman, who has a tendency to hook up with his own villains. However, fans can see a racier side of Superman in Action Comics #1035‘s ‘Warworld Rising – part six,’ written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, with art by Daniel Sampere, colors by Adriano Lucas and letters by Dave Sharpe.

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