Superman: Every Actor Who Has Portrayed DC's Perry White

DC’s Perry White-Superman/Clark Kent’s boss has been played by a distinguished list of award-winning actors from Jackie Cooper to Laurence Fishburne.

Of all the men on Earth that served as a role model and mentor to Clark Kent/Superman, none is perhaps more memorable than his Daily Planet boss, Perry White. Throughout Superman’s storied history, no less than seven notable and award-winning actors have portrayed live-action versions of Clark’s Editor-In-Chief at the Daily Planet in 2 serials, 3 Superman series, and 7 big-screen motion pictures. Each one brought something unique to the role, as each version showed Perry White at various stages in both his personal and professional life.

Perry White first appeared in the Superman comics in 1940, Superman #7, later becoming a central figure in the Columbia pictures Superman serials that were screened in movie theaters in a chapter format. His catchphrase, “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” became almost as popular as Superman’s “Up, up, and away!” during the run of the first Superman television series, The Adventures of Superman, which aired for 6 seasons during the 1950s.

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