Surface Pro 8 review: A familiar companion for Windows 11

The revamped tablet gets a bigger screen, a slimmer stylus and a brand-new OS.

If Windows 11 has a flagship launch day companion device, it’s the Surface Pro 8. The Surface Pro has always been the lead ship in Microsoft’s PC hardware armada, which has grown in recent years to include budget laptops, ARM-powered hybrids and even a dual-screen phone. 

I’ve always liked the Surface line, partly because it’s a rare case of a single company designing both the operating system and hardware, much as Apple does. That allows for a tighter fit between the parts, whereas other Windows PCs are always a compromise between design, operating system and endless internal component options. Apple’s taken this one step further and designed the chip now as well (the M1), although Microsoft has done something similar, with the SQ1, built in partnership with Qualcomm.

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