Sydney Park Interview: There's Someone Inside Your House

Sydney Park talks about Netflix’s upcoming slasher movie There’s Someone Inside Your House and how she brought the character of Makani to life.

Sydney Park stars as Makani Young in Netflix’s There’s Someone Inside Your House. The upcoming slasher movie follows Makani and her group of high school friends as a masked killer begins terrorizing their small town while wearing masks that look like the faces of their victims. With some secrets of her own, the killer sets their sights on Makani and threatens to expose her past to her new group of friends who are also harboring some dark truths. There’s Someone Inside Your House hits Netflix on October 6.

Screen Rant spoke to Sydney Park about her character Makani, what it felt like to step into the shoes of a Final Girl, and how There’s Someone Inside Your House brings some new and exciting blood to the slasher genre.

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