Task Force Z: DC’s Lethal New Team Takes on Mr. Freeze in New Preview (Exclusive)

The explosion and subsequent destruction of Arkham Asylum is still sending shockwaves through Gotham City, and many of the Asylum’s more lethal inmates are still unaccounted for. Some are just missing, while others are thought dead, but it turns out some of them are very much alive, and now a mysterious benefactor is creating a new Task Force and giving them a second chance at life in DC’s new Task Force Z series. So, who do you get to lead a team that’s come back from the dead? Well, someone who’s experienced a trip to the afterlife of his own of course, and that would be the Red Hood. You can get your first look at the new series in our exclusive preview, which can be found on the next slide.

As you can see, Task Force Z is packing some serious firepower, with a lineup that boasts Bane, Man-Bat, The Arkham Knight, Mr. Bloom, and Sundowner, but that doesn’t mean every victory is assured, as they will be facing other Gotham heavyweights like Mr. Freeze. That said, with Red Hood leading them, good luck to anyone standing in their way.

You can find the official description below:

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