Texas’ Troy Nehls goes after electric vehicle charging station funds in new infrastructure deal

Rep. Troy Nehls, the former Fort Bend County sheriff, blasted the bipartisan infrastructure bill but has made no effort to amend it. 

Freshman Rep. Troy Nehls is picking a peculiar fiscal hill on which to plant his flag. In a recent interview with Fox News, the former Fort Bend County sheriff criticized President Joe Biden’s plan to use less than one percent of the massive proposed infrastructure bill to construct electric vehicle charging stations across the country. 

As electric vehicles become more popular, experts say the $5 billion currently earmarked for charging stations in the Republican-favored $1.2 trillion bill is nowhere near enough to keep up with the demand that’s expected in coming years. But for Nehls, a Texas Republican who described himself as being “about the oil and gas industry,” said the expenditure was too much for him to fork over. 

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