The Best Applicant Tracking Systems for 2020

Human resources (HR) professionals in today’s businesses need to cover a lot of ground beyond traditional job boards. There are professional recruiters, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, and an increasing number of job websites. Having a wide range of sources from which to mine for applicants is helpful in casting a wider net, but managing the data from all of these sources can pose logistical challenges. Having the right Applicant tracking (AT) system can help narrow the search vectors while maintaining all of the relevant information on hand. The best solutions in this category save HR managers time and effort by helping to organize data.

Customization is a desired feature that helps HR managers shape their solution to a businesses’ recruiting needs. This becomes even more valuable as the number of job search sources increases. The capability for AT systems to integrate with existing corporate email and website solutions is a desired feature that adds convenience. To nail down the right AT system, consider your businesses’ needs.

AT software can cost a lot, more so if you’re a staffing firm that does most of your work within the system. However, small businesses and organizations featuring handful-sized recruitment teams won’t have to break the bank to find a suitable tool. Various AT software firms offer free systems capable of basic data processing, applicant communication, and simple recruitment analytics. JobScore and Zoho Recruit both offer free tools that are excellent starter kits for small companies provided their needs are not too complex.

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