The Best Business VoIP Providers and Cloud PBX Services of 2018

An increasing number of employees today prefer to conduct their business communications over digital means such as social media and live chat applications. However, the phone remains a vital device in the workplace despite this trend. Most companies today are using Voice-over-IP (VoIP) services and for various reasons. One reason is that VoIP costs less than getting set up through a standard phone provider. A second reason is that VoIP setups gives companies a much more robust feature set. In fact, the magic of VoIP service allows even small companies to do things that usually only big organizations are able to do, such as offer auto attendants, faxing, voicemail, more. VoIP even now offers things such as voicemail-to-text and multi-device softphones. Having all of your telephony operations happening through VoIP also means that every piece of your communications is stored as data and can be easily mined.

This is especially valuable when you’re talking about many calls as data from those calls can be analyzed and then parsed to any front-end or back-end business app. This is possible because, by moving to VoIP, you’re essentially converting your entire phone system to software—and software systems can integrated with one another. This means your phone system now becomes part and parcel of your customer relationship management (CRM), for example.

Some folks have espoused a phone-less working environment, but a key indicator that the phone is still a must-have is the helpdesk industry. According to multiple vendors of helpdesk and IT service desk software, their customers report that the phone is still the most popular method for their users to reach out for support, even when email, social media, and live chat options are enabled. They also report that this trend isn’t likely to change anytime soon, as shown in the infographic below.

The Best Business VoIP Solutions - The Failsafe PhoneSource: Zendesk

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