The Best Performance Management Software for 2020

Human resources (HR) departments help companies find the best fit for their open positions. Today’s work environment is more competitive than ever, and HR professionals constantly need to attract, retain, and manage new employees well so that they and the business can thrive. This is where HR software solutions can assist, helping HR pros with tasks like applicant tracking (AT), benefits administration (BA), payroll, and performance management (PM), training, to name a few. As a result of using great HR tools, the workforce can be supported and the company can be better organized and productive.

Standalone PM software solutions and services do exist but integrated solutions that work in conjunction with various HR tools make more sense for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). Integrated solutions generally cost less, and employee performance can be tracked and also reflected in other components. Most notably for payroll for bonuses and compensation as well as training for certification and skills advancement.

While we have two Editors’ Choice winners in the features table above; it’s important to note that BambooHR is a holdover from our recent review of all-around HR software and management systems. However, its Editors’ Choice award also stands in this PM category. BambooHR did an exceptional job of integrating a thorough PM feature set into a well-rounded, intuitive HR platform that’s easily accessible by SMB operators. Along the same lines, Deputy is the best scheduling tool on the market but it’s not primarily a PM tool. However, Deputy offers enough solid PM functionality that it warrants consideration, especially if scheduling and PM go hand in hand within your organization.

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