The Best Social Media Management & Analytics Tools for 2020

The social media landscape continues to evolve and mature. While there hasn’t been a considerable increase in the number of social media platforms, we are seeing the consolidation of popular services under Facebook’s control. Social media platforms are pivoting to better serve as captive advertising and sales channels.

For example, Instagram, which was focused on photo and video sharing, has grown into a serious marketplace because photos of products and services fit easily within users’ news feeds, putting possible purchase decisions just a few clicks away in the seemingly endless scroll that can be social media surfing. The addition of Instagram for Business and Instagram TV (IGTV), which enables creators and brands to create video channels within the application, has also added more avenues for interaction and engagement. Social media management tools are similarly adjusting to being able to publish posts and measure data from these new offshoot features.

Social media use continues to grow globally, which means that businesses and companies now have global reach for their brands and products. Any sudden global expansion brings unlimited potential while also posing some considerable challenges. These include being able to handle foreign languages and understanding localized social media trends. Social media has also transcended beyond publishing content and interacting with customers; it is a valuable source of real-time information and analytics. Some social media listening tools can quickly break down this information into quantifiable and actionable data points. Social media management tools can take analytics and funnel it into customer relationship management (CRM) tools to give you more informed and nuanced customer interactions.

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