The Boys Pokes Fun At Facebook And Instagram Being Down

The Great Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp outage of 2021 continues as the websites show no sign of coming back on any time soon. As the memes, jokes, gags, and fun at FaceBook’s expense carries on, Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys has come out with a joke about how everyone is flocking to Twitter in the meantime. Taking a snapshot from the TV show and labeling the sadistic Homelander as “Twitter” and the adoring crowd below him as “everyone,” the joke has drawn a lot of responses from fans, most of whom find it funny, and others who have been pointing out how fitting it is that Homelander is Twitter in this scenario.

Production on season three of The Boys has officially wrapped up as of a few weeks ago but no official word on when the series will return has been announced just yet. We’ve already crossed the one year mark since new episodes of the show debuted on the streamer but with delays due to COVID-19 we very well might not see more of The Boys until 2022. The new season will bring plenty of new faces into the equation though with fans most excited about seeing Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy.

when Facebook and Instagram are down

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