The Fashion Legend That’s Influenced Some Of Your Favorite Games And Manga

In Final Fantasy XV, you push boyband-haired protagonist Noctis through the city of Altissia just to get a glimpse of a Vivienne Westwood bridal couture dress, which heroine Lady Lunafreya is meant to get married in. As rain falls, Noctis, Prompto, and Ignis stare at the Westwood store window with their hands on the hips of their black jeans.

“Everyone looks so happy,” Prompto says. “And it’s all because of this one dress.”

British designer Vivienne Westwood, who died at 81 years old on December 29 of last year, was the “mother of punk,” a tough climate activist, and unrepentant tease. Her inclusion in Final Fantasy XV’s somewhat notorious product placement was a welcome easter egg to me—her bridal couture played a similar role in the Sex and the City movie—and the game’s art director Yusuke Naora remembers collaborating on the dress as “a good memory,” a translation of his recent tweet says.

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