The Fitting First And Last Line Of King Of The Hill

King Of The Hill is a beloved animated sitcom from creator Mike Judge, and here is the very fitting first and final line of the series.

The first and last words uttered in King Of The Hill are very fitting. Mike Judge is arguably best known as the creator – and voice – behind Beavis And Butt-Head. The gruesome twosome first appeared in Judge’s short film Frog Baseball before fronting their iconic MTV series. In addition to live-action shows like Silicon Valley, Judge is also behind some cult classic movies, including Office Space and 2006’s Idiocracy.

One of Judge’s most acclaimed animated series is King Of The Hill, which debuted in 1997. The show centers around uptight propane salesman Hank Hill, who constantly has to deal with his oddball family and friends, including teen son Bobby Hill (voiced by Pamela Adlon). Hank was basically the straight man of the show’s line-up of characters, which became a success for its great writing and voice cast. The show ended up running for 13 seasons in total but was abruptly canceled when Fox wanted to make room in its schedule for Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show.

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