The Flash is Secretly A Fan of One Suicide Squad Member

Wally West’s version of the Flash is secretly a fan of Captain Boomerang—a member of DC Comics’ speedster rogues gallery and Task Force X.

Spoilers for Flash #774 Ahead!

While Captain Boomerang is commonly known as an expendable member of DC’s Suicide Squad, most fans seem to have forgotten he started his career off as a Flash villain. As part of Captain Cold’s Rogues Gallery, Captain Boomerang has been fighting the Flash since the villain first premiered in 1960. Born to an Australian mother in poverty, George “Digger” Harkness crafted his first boomerang as a child and quickly discovered his natural skills. He eventually used these skills to commit petty crimes, which led him to join the Suicide Squad. But why is Flash a fan of someone who used to be his villain?

Wally West has become DC’s main Flash again, putting him between his superhero life and his family. During Jeremy Adams and Cristian Duce’s The Flash #774, Wally takes his daughter, Irey West, to a daddy-daughter dance. When they arrive, they find everyone asleep. They soon find a new villain, Dr. Nightmare (loosely based on Doctor Destiny from the Justice League animated series). He has created a device that brings nightmarish creatures to reality. While hiding from him, Irey tells her father that this villain is “cooler than the boomerang guy you said was cool.”

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